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2015 Rural Disabled in China Poverty Reduction & Policy Advocacy

According to World Report on Disablity 2011 produced jointly by World Health Organization and World Bank, there are about 1 billion people in the world suffering a certain level of disability, taking 15% of the world’s population. With the aging problem become more and more serious, this proportion would certain rise. Among all human groups, disabled people’s individual potential is constrained on multiple aspects like physical, legal and social hindrances and generally marginalized in the society.


In China, the constant adjustments on state social policies and social security system have guaranteed most of the 85 million disabled people with basic caring and services. However considering three fourth of the disabled population are living in rural areas, there is still a great space for improvement on their living conditions and access to services. Moreover, the disabled people are a talent pool with giant potential to contribute capacity, skills and talent in many areas. The government and all sectors of the society should give them more support to exert their capacities and help them to be the master of their own fate.


The core value of UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is “respect and accept differences”, which Oxfam believes to be a significant value that a society should insist on. Oxfam has a vision of a world that all forms of poverty eliminated and all people irrespective of gender can share rights of a happy life.


As an independent development organization, we establish cooperation with multiple partners to explore more poverty reduction measures with more pertinence to groups of people with different poverty causes and features. For example, in Guizhou, we partner with Hui Min Service Center in Shangji Town, Zunyi County, helping farmers who come back home because of occupational injury in cities and looking for developing path for the disabled persons who still have labor capacity.


We also encourage them to share their reasons of disability through home visit and public promotion so that the important awareness of safety in production is well-received among more migrant workers. Besides, Oxfam is dedicated to advocate on sound policies and channels to provide reasonable compensation to people disabled in occupational injuries.


China is working on enhancing all the people to share the achievements of Reforming and Opening Up policy and the most vulnerable groups, including disabled people to enjoy good welfare and developing opportunities n economic growth. In his speech on the National Disabled Day in 2014, President Xi Jinping pointed out that the disabled people are equal members of the society and important forces in the development of civilization. Poverty Alleviation and Development Program Outline for the Rural Disabled people (2011-2020) has made the goal that by 2020, the living standards of the majority of rural disabled would reach or near to the local average level; basic public services would cover rural disabled people with improving services; the disabled people would have guarantee on social insurance and enjoy a life with dignity and foundation for their own development. In efforts of reducing or eliminating impact of the poverty on disabled people, Oxfam is sincerely expecting close cooperation with friends and organizations sharing a common goal with us. We believe that through awareness raising and concrete actions, we can work together to create an inclusive social and material environment and realize a society for all


Howard Hung-to Liu, Ph.D

China Program Director

Oxfam Hong Kong

May 17th 2015